Fatman Run

Fatman is a 3d nimigame developed by gamesandapps. You are a very big fatman , and you will try to stay alive eating sandwices. Find the money to be able to take food! have fun!  


Vr – Minishooter is the most upcoming VR game of this year!! wath you waiting?? Shoot your enemies and increases your record  


vr brutal is a simple monster animation for google cardboard and virtual reality  

Amazing Speed Cars

Amazing Speed Cars is a cool 2d race game for your Android! Try it, it’s free!  


Chaosphere is a puzzle game created by Gamesandapps.it Simply try to escape from red spheres and resist as much as possible, this is a chaosphere!  

Ipnosi Regressiva

“Ipnosi Regressiva” è una nuovissima app che può aiutarci a rivivere esperienze passate , ed a ricordare le nostre vite passate. L’ipnosi regressiva è una pratica utilizzata da molti Ipnoterapeuti in tutto il mondo, che consiste nel far riaffiorare nel paziente, tramite la trance (ipnosi), ricordi e sensazioni dimenticate nel tempo. Lo psicoterapeuta ci guida […]

Watch Out Zombie

A simple Platform Game, play it and… Watch Out! Escape from your zombie collegues in your office, and take all money! you can share your score on facebook and more!